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We are a Veteran Owned Christian company that is seeking to give back to the flock. Our mission statement is to teach people how to defend themselves, their community, and for live saving situations which apply to everyday life. Our training is centered around our one-of-a-kind mobile modular shoot house and most of the training is done inside of it. This is where the real learning begins, inside the house and being exposed to active role players who will confront you and challenge you. During my time in Law Enforcement, I was most influenced about training people when I became of Use of Force Instructor for my agency. Setting up scenarios and creating complex and challenging situations for our officers was so needed to prepare them for how to deal with people while on patrol or responding to dangerous calls for service. I decided to make this my mission after leaving the service, to help prepare the everyday average person on how to respond to dangerous situations.


If you think your prepared to deal with an unknown hostile threat just because you shot at a paper target on range, you will find out very fast, that you are very wrong. We have trained people from the age of 18 to 70, male and female, disabled and able, active law enforcement and military veterans. We have designed this course so that all the average person has to do is just show up with the bare minimum protective equipment because we cover the rest. We use simunition weapons and have all the safety gear needed for it, you need nothing but to come and try us out. If you are experienced at CQB and want a good refresher, then please come, and try us out. We do recommend that people please bring your “tactical equipment” and where it throughout the training course so that you can continue to ‘break it in” and get used to it. We will gladly adjust anyone’s gear that they have questions with and also do some show and tell of our gear, what companies we recommend and why we wear our gear a certain way. If you got it, bring your helmet, vest, battle belt and so on. See how your choice of gear feels and get our honest opinions on if you should buy different equipment or not.


This is a family friendly environment, and we always strongly recommend that family groups, couples, and friends come together and trained because most likely, these will be the people that you will have with you when the prophecy hits the fan. We do minister to people who need it and we do preach the word of God while at the training. It is a great place to fellowship, meet new people and make lasting friendships. More importantly, it is the perfect place to test yourself and get a reality check now, show to yourself that you may need to work on some things like physical fitness, communication skills, and stress management techniques now, before the time runs out to train. People call Law Enforcement Officers the “First Responder” however I am here to tell you in confidence that this title is only half true. The victim of a crime is the true “First Responder” and police are always late to the crime scene. Let us help you be better equipped for that dreadful and let us help you become an asset to yourself, your family, your friendsand your community, and not a liability.


God bless you all.

Stay Frosty


Doug Thornton

CEO of Vindicta Solutions

Host of the American Vindicta Show

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