In accordance with ITAR laws all students must be citizens of The United States of America.

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations is authorized by the Section 38 of the Arms Export Control Act (22 U.S.C. 2778), which authorizes the President to control the export and import of defense articles and services.

Services Include;

Providing assistance, including training, to foreign persons on anything related to defense articles. This includes design, development, manufacturing, maintenance, etc. Providing foreign persons with controlled related technical data. Military training of foreign units and forces

Shoot Move Communicate

Our courses are designed to instruct you on the basic of weapons handling, tactics, single man, and team movements in a close quarters battle situation and to enhance your chance of survival while dealing with an austere environment. Our role players will completely change the way you think about training and will enhance your survivability by teaching you how to deal with people while being compliant/non-compliant/or the unknown variable. We will teach you how to talk to people and put them in positions of disadvantage while showing you how to take a dominant position that puts you in a better advantage. We teach de-escalation and escalation techniques that I learned from dealing with people in real world situations from my time in the Marine Corps, Bodyguard work, working in dangerous prisons and from my time as a Department of Homeland Security Federal Law Enforcement Officer.

Radio Communication Course

This Class is a two day course with classroom and field instruction where we focus on the basics of establishing and maintaining communication with other parties across multiple platforms from radios to satellite phones. We will prioritize proper usage and setup as well as the advantages and disadvantages per communication platform. We will also go over scenarios on when and where to use your devices and planning based on the size of your team. Once you’ve completed this course you will have a basic level of communication skills and techniques to employ in the field, whether on the flat range, in the shoot house or at home.

This is not a HAM radio test prep class.


Bring your own gear to see what works and what doesn’t in high intensity real world scenarios. We recommend bringing; plate carriers, chest rigs, helmets, battle belts, magazine pouches handheld lights, weapon mounted lights and even NVG.

Minimum Requirements

  • Sturdy Shoes
  • Thick Clothing
  • Sturdy Belt
  • Water
  • Personal Snacks
  • Rain gear (check local weather)
  • Gloves


Private Classes

Private Classes can be scheduled for church security teams, businesses and Private parties.

Class Prices will be determined by location, cost of travel expenses and days of training. 

All private classes require a $3500.00 deposit 45 days in advance.

There is no minimum student requirement.

Please contact us for further pricing.

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